Yearly Archives: 2010

Auntie Maureen

It was last year when Nduku's roommate Maureen invited me and my homeboy Chad out for a movie with her and her roommate. ...

Najwa’s First Scientific Study

Najwa participating in her first science experiment, as one of the subjects, as we prepare her for a life in STEM.

Uncle Devin

Ten or so days after being born, Najwa meets Devin, one of my best friends.


It has been many decades since my mom last fed a baby, as far as I know anyway. But what seems like a...

Uncle Daz

Barely five days old and Najwa already meets Uncle Daz who was in town.

Labor Day Cookout with Friends

Labor Day cookout with some friends before the arrival of our little girl.

Our First Capital BBQ Festival

The third trimester is fast approaching so wifey's going to have to start carrying around a bit more weight. And our doctor said...

New York Ave Street Art

As you near the White House traveling southwest on New York Ave, you're greeting with original art work in the median. The street...

Road Trip to Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

We have about three months before our first child joins us, but it's never too early to take her out on a road trip....

Solomons Island for Memorial Day Weekend

We're somewhere around the midway point of the pregnancy. Just thought I'd mention that. Off we go to Solomons Island at the...


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