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Catching Up with Chad and Eric

Catching Up with Chad and Eric

Working for The Weather Channel, my homeboy Chad travels a lot. And every now and again, he pops up in the area, out of the blue, but isn’t going to be around long. So, when he calls, it’s hop in the ride and meet him wherever he is, this time being at Largo Town Center, so we met up at Carolina Kitchen.

My homeboy Chad holding Najwa.

Chad’s Cousin also came through and met Najwa.

Next to our table were these two young ladies. And Chad being Chad — anyone who knows Chad knows he speaks to anyone – really everyone – all the time — he commented to one of them, “you ladies must be reeeeeeally hungry.” Confused, they [and us] just looked at him wondering why this strange man made some an obscure comment about nothing. “Because you ladies sure are reeeeeeally quiet over there!”

Funnier if you could hear how he says it but moving on.

My other homeboy Eric lives in the area, so he also come out. After cutting up, reminiscing and finishing our food, we went out to check out the satellite truck Chad hauls around the country. His office basically.

Eric in Chad’s sat truck.


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