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Visiting Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm, Global Village

Visiting Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm, Global Village

Before heading back to the pad, we drove out onto The Palm. Really, from the ground you can’t see much. From above it’s an amazing construction project, but driving it’s a long road to the end and a lot of gates preventing you from checking out the villas on the fronds of the The Palm.

Atlantis The Palm

At the end [or top?] of The Palm, there’s another Dubai creation, taking something we all know and adding a little Arabic feel to it. It’s called Atlantis, The Palm. It was dark and there’s a guard out there making sure no one who hasn’t paid what is probably out my price range can’t get any closer than, well, across the street.

Global Village

After we rested a bit back at the Manjai compound, Stephen wanted to take us to a place called Global Village. Just coming from Heritage Village and spending way too many hours [more like days!] shopping, I wasn’t sure if I could handle another shopping spree.

But Global Village was not quite what I thought it was. Sure, there’s a lot of shopping options, but it’s different. It’s a carnival. It’s a bazaar. It’s an international market for clothes, art, food, everything of many different cultures.

Syria at Global Village, Dubai
Lebanon at Global Village, Dubai
Did you know Spain was once an Islamic country?

It’s funny how Lebanon is tiny and not officially recognized by most of the world yet they have their own massive pavilions. But all those countries in Africa, many with massive Muslim communities, they had to share one pavilion.

A taste of Venice in Arabic country?
Did you know there were many different types of honey?
Pomegranate juice, straight from the pomegranate itself.

The colors of the flower are the Indian flag colors.

To cap the night off, Nduku and I took Najwa on her first ferris wheel ride. I think it was Nduku’s first time as well. I was anticipating their faces as we rose higher into the sky, but they didn’t seem fazed. I, on the other hand, am not a big fan of heights and got that tingling feeling where it doesn’t make you comfortable.


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