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Bucharest is a Graffiti Artist’s Dream Canvas

Bucharest is a Graffiti Artist’s Dream Canvas

I mentioned it earlier, but after a couple more days in Bucharest, I can’t reiterate enough how much graffiti there is in the city. Literally everywhere you look you’ll find graffiti. We stayed in an area known for its elite residents, and there was graffiti everywhere. Around the corner were the homes of Romania’s power players, government officials, the former president Ion Iliescu, homes of the former dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu and his people, and there was graffiti everywhere. Graffiti was in the downtown area, the city center, old town, the main commercial business districts, everywhere; there was nowhere we visited that was immune to the spray cans of these “artists.”

There was so much graffiti, it started to become part of the character of Bucharest. If there was an area without graffiti, it looked out-of-place. Next to the Armani shops, the high-end hotels, the government institutions, there is graffiti. Graffiti was the silent voice of Bucharest telling you its story that you won’t find in travel guides.

Below are some photos, perhaps .0000001 percent of the graffiti you’ll find in Bucharest. Even though I did everything to take photos of the rest of the city without the graffiti in the photos, you’ll still see more graffiti in the other photos taken around Bucharest.

Even the escalators aren’t safe.


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