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Day Trip to North Beach

Day Trip to North Beach

Every summer we’ll take a day trip to the ocean [or in this case the bay]. For this year’s 4th of July, we went to North Beach, just north of Chesapeake Beach in Maryland. Last time Najwa was in the area she was just a little bump in Nduku’s figure.

North Beach, Maryland

We liked the area because you could go out into the water which was calm. During past ocean ventures, there were times both Najwa and I got knocked over by the waves, me more concerned of her and she not able to get enough. But North Beach was an easier place to take kids that are Najwa’s age.

Only issues were the sharp rocks in some parts of the water. It didn’t dawn on me until we left to buy water shoes. Najwa had fun though. And we didn’t come close to drowning which is always good.


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