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Mapping Our Walking Tour of Manhattan

Mapping Our Walking Tour of Manhattan
Nduku, me and the hat that I had to have that she hates.

The lady and I were in New York this weekend, visiting Ingrid, one of Nduku’s friends. We were fortunate to stay at Ingrid’s Bed & Breakfast in Brooklyn — a pleasant surprise since I thought we were sleeping on the sofa — staying in the “Purple Room.”

Since Najwa was back in DC at a going away party for her buddy DJ, Nduku and I had a chance to do some walking. I’m walk we did!

We started in Brooklyn, walking a couple of miles from a Bed & Breakfast we were staying, down Broadway in Brooklyn, to Myrtle Avenue subway station. I couldn’t convince Nduku to walk all the way to Manhattan which was only another five miles.

What I couldn’t include in the route is all the walking we did at the 9/11 Memorial, in and out of stores, the backtracking because of the crowds, the number of times we turned around on a street because we saw something more interesting on another street, the walking in and out of the subway system going down one set of steps to find out we were on the wrong side so we had to go to the other side [MTA needs elevators!] and so on and so forth.

We probably did more than 10 miles, all in one day, all possible because Najwa was at a going away party back in Washington, DC.

A mural on the side of CTown grocery store in Brooklyn
Hugo’s Tae Kwon Do in Brooklyn, New York.
The Occupy movement moves to walls in general in Brooklyn.

But once we took the subway across the river, we started walking, and kept walking, easily surpassing the 5 miles she was trying to avoid.

We started the journey at the September 11 Memorial. The waterfalls where the former towers of the World Trade Center stood was, well, can’t really describe it. Just the thought of standing where thousands died was sobering. The way the water fell into the hole where it fell into another hole in the middle of the fountain was, well, again I can’t describe it.

Looming above the Memorial Gardens is the new Freedom Tower. Still a work in progress, you get dizzy looking up at it, trying to imagine the view from the observer deck.

You never know what to expect when you get to Times Square. The number of freak shows [albeit family friendly] is amazing. The “Naked Cowboy,” the “Boombox Guy,” the topless woman who loves New York…

Anyone got a bucket of water?

And for the kids, there were many of their favorite characters running around Times Square. There was Dora, Elmo, Hello Kitty, Toy Story characters, the Disney Crew, the Statue of Liberty and a bunch of others I didn’t recognized but I’m sure I’ll learn in time.

Amazingly, though, the kids were TERRIFIED when these huge monsters resembling their favorite characters approached them.

In the world of Equal Opportunity, Batman (in the middle) is black
Elmo is now dating Hello Kitty

I only took this photo because it made me think of our trip to the UAE.

And after the miles of walking and dodging all of the fantasy world’s best, we finally carved out enough room to get our photo taken in Times Square as well.

Nduku, me and the hat that I had to have that she hates.


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