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Najwa’s First Field Trip With Her Fellow DC Preppies

Najwa’s First Field Trip With Her Fellow DC Preppies

Not even two months into her school year [make that school career] and we’re off on a field trip. The pre-k and kindergarteners took a trip to Cox Farms in Centreville, a huge kid’s paradise with hundreds if not thousands of kids from all over the region.

When you enter there’s this huge pyramid made of bales of hay. All you can do is climb up, climb down and climb back up, but it kept them entertained.

DC Prep field trip to Cox Farms

DC Prep field trip to Cox Farms

Najwa’s buddy Dillon.

Najwa is brave. I’ll give her that. Knowing she isn’t too fond of animals as big as her, she still she couldn’t let all her friends go into the goat petting area and stand outside as a witness. She did well, at first, even petting [more like touching] a goat.

But then some of the other goats came closer, the ones with horns, the bigger ones, several at a time, stampeding towards her — and she was terrified! There are no pictures of that moment because I was struggling to hold her while she smashed her face into my face hiding from these monsters; she screaming so loud it looked like I was abducting her; kicking, squeezing, crying no matter which direction I walked to leave the area because in every direction there were more goats.

Finally we made it out the petting area. Note to self, though, stick to the slides. And there were a bunch of slides. Najwa started off on one of the kiddie ones, about four feet from the ground…

Before being brave enough to take on the ones that were higher, longer and much, much faster — like Cox Farms’ biggest, the Dino-Slide. Let’s just say that she only got on because everyone else did but somewhere along the way down, she didn’t seem to like the idea very much.

But she survived. The next one, though, not so happy ending.

The last slide Najwa rode on wasn’t as big as the Dino-Slide, but there were these bales of hay lining the slide that, if your foot hit it because you got nervous going to fast and tried to slow down, it would spin and flip you around. A lot of the pre-k aged kids kept doing this. Najwa, too.

It was a fun trip, though. Fresh apple cider; pick of a pumpkin, quite entertaining hay ride, bubble machines, live entertainment, more slides, more animals to pet that we avoided — a good first trip for the kids.


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