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Rush Home for Halloween and ARGH!

Rush Home for Halloween and ARGH!

I work outside of the city. As in one and half hour, sometimes two hour commute when the trains start acting up. So when it’s Halloween and Najwa’s excited and waiting on me to get home to go get some candy, I feel the tension of impatience as the train slowly makes it way home.

But I get there and I rush home from the Metro station and I come through the door ready to take the little pirate out for Halloween and I’m greeted with…

The little pirate is sleeping on all that Halloween candy!

Mommy, being mommy, almost thought we should let her sleep. My concern wasn’t that she needed the rest; my concern was when she woke up in the middle of the night and realized she missed Halloween! No-brainer, we wake the little pirate and head out to PG Mall for Halloween.


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