On the way back from our New England trip, we decided to get something to eat. Instead of something cheap and easy just off the highway, we went way off the beaten path until we found a place called Nancy’s Airfield Cafe in Stow, Massachusetts. Nduku found it using an app for restaurants close by to wherever we were at that moment.

Great little place. It’s literally on an airfield — Minute Man Air Field — with planes taking off and landing while we ate. Someone even showed up in his helicopter!

The people there were nice. It’s obviously a close community since everyone had to know each other for us to stand out so much. The owner [I’m assuming she was Nancy; didn’t ask her name] even came out to greet us, welcome us, ask where we’re from and invite us back next time we venture out.

Who knows. Maybe next time in the area we just might stop by again.

Nancy’s Airfield Cafe – Stow, Massachusetts
It’s literally at an airfield.
Chef/Proprietor Nancy McPherson has created a rare Café ~ a peaceful Oasis that beckons the harried with hospitable staff that welcomes you and cooking that makes you want to come back for more .

Large picture windows offer panoramic views of air field activity, birds feeding and flower gardens while the rotating display of local artists’ work freshens the ‘Main Deck’ dining room.

Sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible, Nancy puts her touch to familiar classics as well as international and seasonal dishes. Most of her offerings include fresh herbs plucked from the kitchen garden by the door. Pestos and oils extend Café herb use into the winter.

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