Just a quick note about the differences in our dairy section and Kenyan’s dairy products. See, we have a section of the stores just for dairy, 99.9 percent of the time it’s refrigerated. In Kenya, though, however they produce their dairy products, no refrigeration needed.

I actually find this a bit disturbing, but the eggs were a bit tastier than ours and the butter never melts. Go figure.

And, at one of those shopping plazas we were at, there were these huge birds chilling up in the tree. Not big like bigger than normal; huge as in wingspan as wide as mine! You’ll never be able to tell from the photos. These birds can’t possibly feed off of bird seeds. They look like they eat small children.

And then there’s the steering wheel on the “other” side of the car. I’ve mentioned it before, but allowing kids to sit shotgun, no seat belt, even in the driver’s lap is insanely crazy. Last time we were in Kenya I kind of let it go. This time, though, for whatever reason — not wanting my child to die — I refused to let Najwa sit in the front seat when the car was moving.

There are subtle reminders of what can happen on the streets of Kenya.

And it’s not just crazy drivers, it’s the crazy people who share the roads with the cars. I for the life of me couldn’t understand what these people were thinking. Bad photo, I know, but one man pulling another man in a big wheelbarrow in the middle of the street with cars road-rage-free just driving around them as if this was normal.

Najwa gave it her best though. While the car was parked of course.

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