When Kenyans go home for the holidays, it’s common they’ll head upcountry to visit their families. The shags they call it. We call it the boonies. The first part of a trip to Kenya is about visiting and hanging out with family, getting all the sightseeing out the way, the shopping for stuff back in the states and so forth.

The second part of the trip is when everyone catches up with everyone who have all converged on Nairobi after their trips to the shags.

We visited Pele & Mawea and their family, meeting the twins for the first time. Najwa of course struck her group picture pose.

We caught up with Nduku’s friends Matile and Waeni and their little ones at a shopping plaza. Nduku’s sister Kavutha joined us to add more little ones to the group. When we were getting ready for the group picture, Najwa wasn’t at the playground with the other kids. Instead, she found something else more interesting to play with.

But once we got her back to the group for the group picture, she struck her group picture pose once again.

Another family outing with Charles & Kavutha and family.

And we visited Nduku’s friend Carol and her family. At least Najwa toned down her group photo pose.

To think next time we visit, all those little ones will be twice as big, some won’t even remember this visit and all these visits remind you how precious time is, how fleeting it is and how important it is to spend those moments together when you have it.

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