Since we were staying at the Belvedere, subject to demolition, we decided to check out its Coffee Shop & Diner for breakfast. It’s a small space so we had to get there early. There’s usually a line outside the door until closing time in the afternoon.

We were fortunate in getting what the hostess/waitress called the front row seat. It’s like a half-booth with one section cut off by the wall and window overlooking the beach. It’s designed for two people, but we somehow were able to fit two and a half.

The three of us smashed up into The Belvedere’s little Coffee Shop & Diner.

The Belvedere's little Coffee Shop & Diner.

Najwa had to take a picture of the 4th person with us — Fluttershy
The Belvedere at Virginia Beach VA
Our room was the one with the big blue circular float.

Then, we headed out to the beach for one last visit to the ocean before checkout time at 11:00 am.

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