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Najwa Wins Music Award

Najwa Wins Music Award at DC Prep.

Exploring The Kalmar Nyckel Museum In Delaware

Around the corner from our visit to Fort Christina Park is a museum, featuring the Kalmar Nyckel, but also a tribute to world exploration...

Delaware Children’s Museum

It was our last day in Wilmington, Delaware, and the moment Najwa was waiting for. A visit to the Delaware Children's Museum.

The Swedes Had A Settlement In America?

Since we were only staying one night in Wilmington, Delaware, once we checked out the hotel, we had to maximize our time before heading...

Day Trip To Wilmington Delaware

Before the summer ends, and since it’s a three day weekend, we decided to get away for a couple of days. Instead of...

Our First Washington Valor Indoor Football Game

Football is always weird played on a 50 yard field with massive nets at each end, but having seats in a suite makes it worth it.

Reptiles, Books And Just Playing Around At The New Woodridge Library

Najwa and I took a trip down the road to check out the new Woodridge Library. I had planned on coming here eventually,...

Family Trip To A Nationals Baseball Game

What better to do on a perfect summer afternoon than go out to the ol' ballpark?

Viewing Jupiter, The Moon, Otherworldly Stuff At The Astronomy Festival

The ladies and I headed out to the National Mall to check out Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and some really cool telescopes.

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award

National Math Festival

When math is a subject that gets a lot of love in the home, how could we not attend the National Math Festival? This little...

Homemade Cotton Candy

Somehow we have been successful in keeping Najwa from being a sugar addict. Now, she does consume candy, but it's nowhere near the...


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