Building Paper Forts at the National Building Museum

Building Paper Forts at the National Building Museum

One of our favorite places to visit is the National Building Museum. I’ll probably write that several more times to start off posts about an event we went to.

This weekend’s event was building a fort using newspapers. Though we think of newspaper as, well, paper — hence, not strong enough to build a fort with — Najwa learned how to roll it up really, really tight, taping the ends together, creating a bunch of triangles, and there you go. Your own paper fort.

Yeah, we didn’t use this rolled up newspaper for the fort.

Afterwards, we took our usual stroll thorough the museum to check out its exhibits. The first one was called Timber City. Much of the world’s built environment use wood. Wood has been used for building stuff about as soon as man learned how to build stuff. And what man has been able to build using wood has been quite impressive.

Najwa forgot it was already 2017. We still do that as adults.

Of all the places to see, the Pension Commissioner’s Suite has to be the most boring. There’s nothing in it. It’s where he Commissioner sat when the National Building Museum was the headquarters of the United States Pension Bureau back in the late 1880s. Today, the space is used to host events.

Najwa’s favorite part of the museum is always the Play. Work. Build. area.

And when she I was finally worn out, it was time to go.


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