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Day Trip To Wilmington Delaware

Day Trip To Wilmington Delaware
We stayed at the Sheraton Suites, on the left with the red letters.

Before the summer ends, and since it’s a three day weekend, we decided to get away for a couple of days. Instead of the normal destinations, we chose to go a bit off the normal beaten path. We picked Wilmington, Delaware. It’s only a couple of hours drive away, has a lot of historic stuff to explore, and costs significantly less than traveling to the beach or a big city.

And Wilmington is not a big city. There’s maybe 75,000 residents. And it seems all the TV and radio stations are from Philadelphia or Baltimore. Then again, Ocean City and Rehoboth aren’t necessarily metropolises either.

We’ve passed the Wilmington skyline many times on the way further north. This time, we looked at it differently, as the place where we would be staying for the weekend. We even saw our hotel, Sheraton Suites, from the highway. Surely, every time we pass by Najwa is going to bring it up.

Wilmington, Delaware
We stayed at the Sheraton Suites, on the left with the red letters.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating. It was rainy. Not a downpour, but just enough drizzle to make being outside not that pleasant. Fortunately, the hotel room was really nice. See, on our last trip, we [I’ll share in the blame. =)] went budget. The ladies and I had to configure our bodies like a game of Tetris to fit on the twin size bed. Not queen size. Not full size. The size barely big enough for me alone.

This time around, the bed was massive, there was a pullout sofa mattress, a kitchen area, a living area, the bedroom, two TVs, all for less than the cost of where we stayed in Virginia Beach. Many inside jokes that first night.

Sheraton Suites Wilmington Delaware

All we really did our first day there was eat. The rain kept us from venturing out too much.

For lunch we went to Iron Hill Brewery. We’re not really beer people, but the food was good. Must be relatively popular. There was a short wait to get seated. The way Najwa expresses her boredom, you’d think she was a cartoon character in a past life.

Across the street from our hotel was H.B. DuPont Park. There’s a statue there honoring those who gave their lives during World War II.

H.B. DuPont Park - Wilmington Delaware

H.B. DuPont Park - Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware
Piece of art just around the corner from our hotel.

For dinner we headed out to the burbs. Or at least out of the city central. We chose an Indian restaurant, one that claims, “the best south Indian restaurant you will ever find in USA.”

A litmus test I learned from one of my homeboys to determine if the food is authentic or Americanized is to see who’s eating there. Sure enough, there were many Indians eating at Godavari, which is a positive sign that the food is authentic, or at least closer to what you would find in India than not.

The food was good. Spicy, of course. The naan was fresh out the oven. I had Punjabi lamb curry, finding it ironic considering Punjab, the state, is way up north in India, nowhere close to being considered south India. It was delicious nevertheless. Our concern was if there would be anything for Najwa to eat. Of all those Indian dishes, they had the most basic, American-style french fries ever. We were glad. On the menu was also spice-less wings, but they were out, so Najwa had to settle for chocolate dosa. Well, they called it dosa anyway. I Googled it, and what Najwa had was more like a wannabe crepe. With Nutella spread on it. Literally, they used Nutella. Najwa liked it, so a win for us.

And that was that. First days are always a blur when arriving in the afternoon. Fortunately, with the larger suite keeping us from getting cabin fever, and the two TVs allowing me to watch some college football while the ladies watch whatever they were watching, it was a good start.


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