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Najwa on the Row Machine Getting her Calorie Burn On


I got lucky. When I first met Nduku I didn’t realize she was a fitness junky. A true gym rat. She goes to the gym every weekday morning, leaving the house around 5:30 am, every weekend, and supplements it from time to time with workouts at home. And it has an impact on the way Najwa views exercise.

The tricky part about parenting is getting your kids to want to do healthy things. Sure, kids run around the play ground, but they don’t see that as exercising. That’s fun. Doing activities that are designed to literally maintain a healthy body is different. Most adults don’t even like exercising and we know better.

The hard way to get it done is by doing it yourself. Now, I’m not much of an exerciser. I’ll push some iron every now and again, and I do enjoy riding my bike though Najwa doesn’t necessarily see me doing it. But Nduku takes Najwa to crossfit with her so Najwa gets the complete experience of what it means to be dedicated to a fit lifestyle. And you can see it at home because Najwa is fascinated with all the gym equipment we have in the basement, hoping on the row machine as if it’s just a normal thing to do.


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