Life is going to present challenges almost every single day. It’s always a constant struggle to not let them get us down. Some are big, epic even; whereas, some are minor and may not be considered a challenge to others.

Ever since Najwa was able to understand the words coming out of my mouth I’d tell her to always be looking for solutions. Challenges are only challenges until we find a way to overcome them.

Well, I was standing on the platform waiting for the MARC train to take me back home after visiting my mom. Najwa called. She was eating dinner and faced a minor challenge. Actually, to the average human being, it wasn’t a challenge at all. Getting your fingers all saucy and sticky from eating wings and licking it off is part of the joy of eating wings. For our little girl, though, there is no joy with sticky icky fingers.

But instead of letting it ruin her dinner, she found a solution. A creative one, one that I haven’t seen before.

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