For this weekend’s Archaeology Club we went to the National Geographic Museum where there’s an exhibit on the queens of Egypt. In school you learn about the men who ruled over Egypt, the Pharaohs, King Tut, Amenhotep, Rameses I through XI, etc. But Egypt had some powerful female figures as well. Nefertiti. Hatshepsut. Nefertari. Tiye. Ankhesenamun. Isetnofret. Cleopatra VII.

Travel back in time with National Geographic to visit ancient Egypt, one of the world’s greatest civilizations, and get to know some of its lesser-known leaders—Egypt’s mighty queens. Learn about the hidden role of women in all aspects of Egyptian society. Meet seven Egyptian queens whose impact helped shape both the ancient and modern worlds. Then travel in the footsteps of women through their daily lives and into their tombs on their journeys to reach the afterlife.

The exhibit highlighted hundreds of ancient artifacts, some thousands of years old. The 3D virtual tour of one of the most beautiful and well-preserved tombs in the Valley of the Queens was absolutely cool. Literally felt like you were walking through the ornate tomb. And the thousands of years old paper, somehow preserved all these years.

Dr. Alexandra Jones speaking with the Archaeology Club about the Queens of Egypt.

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