Memorial Day weekend is usually a time when we’d plan a trip to the beach, but we toned it down a bit this weekend and instead headed out to Solomons, Maryland, where we found the Drum Point Lighthouse and Calvert Marine Museum.

When you think lighthouse, you think tall, majestic and claustrophobic. The Drum Point Lighthouse, however, is actually kind of spacious, relatively speaking.

This screwpile, cottage-type light is only one of three remaining from forty-five that once served the Chesapeake Bay at the beginning of the twentieth century. Decommissioned in 1962, the lighthouse fell victim to vandals until moved to its present site in 1975. Beautifully restored, complete with furnishings of the early twentieth century, it has become the waterfront’s main attraction and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At the Calvert Marine Museum pre-history, natural history, and maritime heritage come together to tell a unique story of the Chesapeake Bay. This is a family-friendly museum that offers live animals, fossils, interactive exhibits, daily activities, and a furnished cottage-style lighthouse – something for every age.

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