Yesterday we took it easy preparing dinner, settling for homemade hamburgers and mashed potatoes. Tonight, we did something still pretty simple but with a few more moving parts.

First Najwa had to rinse the chicken wings and learn how to bend that weird part behind the meaty part of the chicken wing so that it lies flat on the baking pan.

While we waited for the chicken to boil a bit, squeezing out any blood in the meat, making it more fall-off-the-bone-like, Najwa prepared the sauce we were going to use. Soy sauce, brown sugar and butter. The trick is to heat the soy sauce up in a pot, put the butter in it, and when the butter has mostly melted, pour in the brown sugar until it becomes one with the soy sauce and butter. It’s a glaze that’s too easy to make and tastes delicious.

There were a couple of surprises prepping the rest of the sides. I don’t know where we bought the broccoli but there was a hitchhiker in the florets. Pretty disgusting but nothing a hot steaming won’t fix. And then there was the Pillsbury flaky biscuits. Just peel off the wrapper, give it a little squeeze, and I forgot to warn Najwa about the little pop that happens when the dough wants out the container.

From here it’s drain the chicken and place on baking pan, pour the glaze, bake for 40 some minutes, flip the chicken after 20 minutes to glaze both sides, set the table and enjoy.

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