Monthly Archives: November, 2019

Christmas Tree Time

This is probably the latest that we waited to finally put up the Christmas tree. Usually we do it Thanksgiving weekend but we...

Lemon Battery

Who needs batteries when you have a strip of magnesium and copper? And a lemon of course.

Glowing Minerals

Add heat from solid fuel to marble and fluorite and this is what happens.

Foil Etching

When aluminum and copper sulfate come in contact, nothing happens. But then you add sodium chloride.

Egyptian Night: Burning Iron

Who knew that heated hot enough that iron interacts with the oxygen in the air and actually burns?

Metal Contest

When we think about metal, we think about a solid object. However, metal like everything else in the world, is made up of...

Honor Roll

Najwa makes the honor roll.

Field Day at DC Prep

I make it a point to attend every single one of Najwa's school events, whether it's a field trip, a class presentation or even...

Spy Museum

Nothing better to do this weekend so we grabbed Najwa's friend and headed out to the Spy Museum. Each year the museum has what's called...

Museum of Natural History

The plan was to join the crowds celebrating the Washington Nationals' World Series win. But by time we got out there, we were...


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