It’s always weird how people who live in a city never seem to visit all the places where all the tourists visit when in town. I’ve yet to go up into the Washington Monument or visit Arlington Cemetery. They’re on the To Do List, but I finally crossed off Madame Tussauds from the list.

Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass
Harriet Tubman
Escaping with Harriet Tubman
Abraham Lincoln
Being grilled by J. Edgar Hoover
Najwa giving the speech that MLK was supposed to give
Malcom X
Malcolm X
Visiting the moon

David and George Bush

DJ Najwa
DJ Najwa

After checking out all the other wax sculptures, it was time for Najwa to get a wax sculpture of her own hand. It involved a process of dipping your hand into cold water, the wax and then letter the artist do his thing to create the hand sculpture. Pretty cool.

Najwa getting wax statue of her hand

So cold! Najwa getting wax statue of her hand

Najwa getting wax statue of her hand

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