Every now and again I take Najwa to school. When she was younger I’d walk her all the way to her class or at least into the school. But now it’s drop her off at the school and let her walk the rest of the way on her own. I’ll park at the corner near the school and just watch as this growing child of ours makes her way to class. And it’s these fleeting moments that seem so ordinary, so normal that one day we’ll look back to these days and wish we could have even these routine days and moments back.

Dropping Najwa off near her school in the morning.

This afternoon, though, was parent-teacher conferences. Najwa got out of class a bit early so we drove around for a moment since she wanted to get out of the school until the conferences. Then we headed back and I followed Najwa around the school until it was our turn to meet with her teachers. And, again, it’s these fleeting moments, standing in Najwa’s school, especially when it’s quiet so you can just soak in the soon-to-be memory, that I want to capture as much as I can before they are no more.

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