Monthly Archives: February, 2020

Late Night at The Skate Palace

Man, when I lived in Germany where my dad was stationed, one of the highlights for us teens was hanging out at the skating...

Harriet Tubman Project

It's Black History Month and the students had to pick a historic figure to create a poster board about that person. Najwa chose...

Najwa Joins the School Step Team

For Black History Month at Najwa's school they focused on the role of HBCUs in African-American history. And a big part of HBCUs...

We’re Back at Boolean Girls

Last month was our first experience with Boolean Girls. This month we've returned and Najwa is progressing. One of the staff and...


Somehow Najwa's hair turned out to be this luscious heap of protein filament. I'm envious.

Najwa Makes 1st Honors

Najwa makes the honor roll - 1st honors this time.

ANET Highest Scorer

Najwa had the highest score on the ANET test.

Mongolia Day at the National History Museum

Took Najwa and her friend Azaria to the National Museum of Natural History for Mongolia Day. They watched a performance of a Mongolian...

DIY Valentine’s at the National Postal Museum

We've visited the National Postal Museum on several occasions in the past, but this was our first time going for their annual DIY Valentine's...


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