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Late Night at The Skate Palace

Late Night at The Skate Palace

Man, when I lived in Germany where my dad was stationed, one of the highlights for us teens was hanging out at the skating rink. And I used to be able to skate. I mean, really skate. No backflips but I could move on those wheels.

Wanting Najwa to also experience that life, I took her and two of her closest friends to The Skate Palace. But we didn’t go in the middle of the day with all the little people. Instead, we waited until the sun set and hung out with the big kids.

One of my concerns was these tiny girls who can skate but really can’t skate being overwhelmed by the mass of bigger kids flying around (and at times through) them. I knew they were going to turn the lights out, pump up the music and a lot of testosterone, male ego and female pheromones were going to be released simultaneously and increasing as the night went on.

And these two little girls, well, they seemed completely oblivious to being surrounded by the big people. Oblivious to the tradition of skating on a Saturday night. And oblivious how much I miss it but take great pleasure in seeing them grow up to be such fine young ladies.


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