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Celebrating Independence Day at Virginia Beach

Celebrating Independence Day at Virginia Beach

It’s funny (not really) when I’m talking to co-workers or friends and they express disbelief if not outrage at all those people going to the beach during this pandemic. And then we grabbed Najwa’s friend Azaria and headed to the beach which was surely going to be crowded considering it was a holiday.

And it was crowded. And many, if not the majority, of the people were not wearing masks. Including the police officers who were surrounded by thousands of beachgoers.

[NOTE: We got tested as soon as we got back and all came back negative. We’re very vigilante about taking the recommended precautions.]

This was Azaria’s first time going to the beach. At first, when I got a big enough donut float for all of us to go out past where the waves break to bob with the waves, Azaria didn’t want to go out that far. I wasn’t pressed about it being that I can’t swim. Though we didn’t have to go so far out that I couldn’t touch the ocean floor, I was terrified of one of the shorter people falling of the float and me having to save both of them, if not drown trying.

But Najwa, Azaria and I went out and sure enough, the next day, Azaria was the only pressed to go back out that far though the waves were actually much more violent.

At one point Nduku got on the boogie board and was floating around where we were on the float. One of those monster waves came crashing into all of us. The girls did good hanging on tight, but Nduku fell of the board. My instincts were to help her but then the board popped up and smacked me right in the face. Nduku was only under the water for maybe three seconds, but when your orientation is flipped upside down, it feels like hours.

When she popped up wondering why no one came to her rescue, well, it was hilarious since it lasted a few seconds. But that look on her face.

Along the strip, there’s a house of mirrors. Seems pretty simply, but once you got in, there was some banging into mirrors that looked like entry/exit ways. And there were dozens of Najwas and Azarias flitting back and forth trying to figure out how to get out.

And what has become a tradition for us whenever we go to Virginia Beach, we waited until it was dark and headed out for some late night miniature golf. The challenge isn’t always trying to get the ball in the hole; sometimes the challenge is finding the ball when it veers off course and end up in a bush.

And then there was the boat ride. Last time we did a boat ride, it was pretty calm. You could sit atop the boat or go downstairs to the enclosed area. This boat, however, was for adventure seekers. Meaning, you might as brought your bathing suit because everyone was soaking wet when it ended.

The ride started out innocent enough. We went from a slow crawl to speed boat in a matter of seconds. The wind helped cool us down since the sun was blazing hot, we even dealt with the light ocean spray that we were expecting.

And then, well, that ocean spray turned more into a shower. This, I must say, was not expected.

The boat created a wake that apparently dolphins like to swim in. If you braved it and walked to the back of the boat, the site was simply incredible.

And finally, the highlight, was we went back to iFly. Najwa, this being her second time, already knew what to expect, but it was Azaria’s first time and I don’t think they did a really good job managing her expectations because she didn’t seem to enjoy it that much.

Najwa preparing for her first flight.


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