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White Oak Lavender Farm

White Oak Lavender Farm

Just outside Harrisonburg, Virginia, where we were staying for the weekend and the mountains of Shenandoah Valley, where were visiting for another hike in the mountains, we visited a lavender farm. Similar to a vineyard and its grapes, White Oak Lavender Farm grows lavender. A lot of it. And because of the coronavirus pandemic, the tour was audio only.

In addition to growing a huge variety of lavender, it’s also a farm which was built in 1901. There was even a lot of swallows racing back and forth in the barn.

The grounds were spread out, but had several points of interest including the Bottle tree, a duck pond, a maze to help center your energy and some other stuff.

At the beginning of the audio tour you’re also given some scissors to clip some samples for yourself. I didn’t get any but Najwa and Nduku patiently did the sniff test, found the lavender species they liked and clipped some samples. For what, I’m not sure, but it looked engaging for those into that kind of stuff.

They also had the set up to extract the whatever in lavender is extracted to make the hundreds of products sold in their gift shop from soaps to art to deserts to many other interesting items you’d never know could be made using the lavender extract.

And then there was the little building where they hang the lavender to dry them out. Very fragrant. There was lavender that was dated a several months to a year old.


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