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Appreciating Every Moment Of It Before It’s the Good Old Days

Appreciating Every Moment Of It Before It’s the Good Old Days

Whenever I’m adding new blog posts, I tend to pick a random post to read and revisit that moment in time. And can you believe it’s already been 10 years!?

As the year comes to a close, we approach the 10-year anniversary of when we conceived. It was during Snowmageddon. Michael and Jennie came to visit. That last weekend of the year, the seed was planted.

While clicking through the last 10 years worth of blog posts, I realize that we just finished a decades worth of activities and already they’re becoming distant memories. Never again will we experience the moments we’ve just lived through again. Not in the same way. Especially considering we’re less than eight years away from Najwa leaving home for college. Where did all that time go!?

I was recently reading a blog post about the Washington Football Team that really nailed this concept of time slipping by without us even noticing until it’s too late.

As a kid, I grew up in an era when the Joe Gibbs lead Washington Redskins were one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl year after year. During a 10 year span from ’82 to ’92 Washington reached the Super Bowl four times, winning three of those games. They had the best overall record over that time period and were considered the gold standard of the NFL.

My last semester as a high school senior started out with the Washington Redskins toppling the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. It was Joe Gibbs’ third Super Bowl victory, each with a different starting quarterback, all three seared into my childhood memories. But it wouldn’t last. Joe Gibbs would soon retire and it has been a real struggle to remain hopeful that one day we’ll return to those glory days.

What happened over the next 10 years was magical, but how long did it take before Washington fans realized they were in the midst of the glory years? As someone who lived it, I’ve got to admit that I took it for granted. Not sure I ever truly appreciated the greatness while in the moment.

And that brings me back to today. We are past the halfway point of Najwa living under our roof. Just as the first decade zipped by, this next decade is going to be in the history books sooner than we realize. And as that thought gnaws away, I am making it a point to maximize the time we have before Najwa flies the coop.

The all-virtual schooling because of the coronavirus has made this an interesting school year. Though I was in the camp of parents who wanted the students to return to campus, with an overabundance of attention to creating a safe and healthy environment to protect the kids, I will say that the year has been successful thus far. We’ve had to adjust, Najwa had to adjust, but all is positive.

The most positive is that we’re all three in the house together more often, as in, all the time. And Nduku and I get to witness Najwa in class, albeit just upstairs in the makeshift learning space we created for her. Sometimes I’ll stand outside the room and listen. I hear Najwa’s teachers giving instruction, I her other students responding to questions, and I hear Najwa tossing in her feedback, or also answering questions, of doing burpees for P.E. class, or sharing her thoughts about a book they’re reading.

Sometimes I get up from my desk, taking a break from work, and Najwa’s at the dining table eating lunch. Considering how far away I work and how late I get in, I usually only see Najwa for a few hours at night when I get home during weekdays. And there have been many times when she was already in bed when I got home. And when I got home, I was exhausted and needed a moment or Najwa was winding down, preparing for bed.

Now, with us all in the house all the time, it’s a silver lining that we get to see each other a lot more, all the time, every day.

With a vaccine around the corner, with our jobs planning on our return to the office, and with the schools preparing to invite the students back to campus, these moments of seeing each other every day will be coming to an end and it may not be for years before we realize how good we got it right now. There’s much to not like about what’s going on in the world today. From the political mess of the elections to the risks of walking out the door because of a deadly virus, it has been a true test of one’s sanity. Life as we knew it has been severely disrupted and the sudden changes weren’t always welcomed.

And as much as I still feel the kids need to be back in the classroom as soon as it’s realistic, I want to make sure I cherish this very moment right now before it’s just another random blog post I’ll read sometime in the future reminiscing about the good old days.


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