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Najwa and Laundry Duty

Najwa and Laundry Duty

As far as assigning Najwa chores, we haven’t really pushed it a lot. There are small expectations like loading her dirty dishes into the dishwater after meals, but nothing major. One thing she is expected to do, though, is bring her laundry that needs to be washed down on Fridays.

This past Friday she didn’t. But the laundry must go on, with or without her clothes.

So over the weekend it was presented to her that if she wanted her clothes cleaned, it was on her. That and it’s about that time that she started picking up chores and responsibilities anyway.

Though we virtually never talked about laundry, Najwa understood some basic concepts. The first being how to sort your clothes based on color and other criteria. Applying it is another thing, though. Her first action was to simply dump the entire load into the washer at once. Instead, I showed her not only how to sort, which she seemed to understand but not apply, but also to toss each article of clothing in one at a time to make sure there aren’t clothes stuck together (e.g. undershirts inside t-shirts, pants legs needing to be uncrinkled, etc.).

Next, it was time to add the detergent and fabric softener.

This seemed to be the easiest part, but sometimes, some things that seem so obvious to those who have been doing something for decades isn’t as obvious to those doing it for the first time.

But we finally got the load started. Afterwards Najwa loaded the washed clothes into the dryer, one article of clothing after another, separating the items that need air drying, cleaning the filter, setting the settings, and so on.

She did good; then again, laundry is pretty simple. I’m thinking for next year, this will be one of her main chores around the house. It’s one of those life skills that if not developed into a habit early in life, there’s no telling how many articles of clothing she destroys or wear around dirty when she’s an adult.


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