“Where the Sidewalk Ends”

At the end of the first half of the school year, DC Prep has a festival. This was Najwa's first year at the...

Random Day in the Life

Najwa Wins Math Award

Najwa wins Math Award at DC Prep.

Dad Job #1: Ensuring Our Little Girls Don’t Grow Up to be ‘Little Girls’

Being a dad to a daughter has its challenges, for sure, but none is more important than encouraging our little girls to explore the world and become whoever they want to be.

Highest 4th Grade Performer in Math for the Year

Najwa wins end of year 4th grade Math Award.

Reptiles, Books And Just Playing Around At The New Woodridge Library

Najwa and I took a trip down the road to check out the new Woodridge Library. I had planned on coming here eventually,...

Celebrating Mardi Gras at The Wharf in DC

Well, it's not quite as large as the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but down at The Wharf, we celebrated Mardi Gras.

Learning About Queens of Egypt with Archaeology Club

For this weekend's Archaeology Club we went to the National Geographic Museum where there's an exhibit on the queens of Egypt. In school you...

Halloween’s Nerdiest Costume

We let Najwa pick out her costumes. Whatever she wants. And she chooses being a nerd. I love it!