Trophy Case

Highest 4th Grade Performer in Math for the Year

Najwa wins end of year 4th grade Math Award.

Najwa Makes 1st Honors

Najwa makes the honor roll - 1st honors this time.

ANET Highest Scorer

Najwa had the highest score on the ANET test.

World’s Best GWU Mathematician

Najwa is crowned as the class mathematician.

Honor Roll

Najwa makes the honor roll.

Najwa Wins Class MVP Award

Najwa wins MVP Award at DC Prep

Najwa Wins Award for Math Achievement

Najwa wins Math Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Art Award

Najwa wins Art Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Math Award

Najwa wins Math Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Music Award

Najwa Wins Music Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award

Najwa Wins Reading Award

Najwa wins Reading Award at DC Prep.

Thoughtful Friend

Najwa is recognized for being a thoughtful friend.

Random Day in the Life

Readers are Leaderzzz

The new school term has started, and Najwa's back to reading to complete her reading log for homework. It may take her a...

Najwa Turns 4

We had a scaled back birthday celebration for Najwa's 4th birthday. Amazing how fast time flies, how she's already four years old.

Field Day at DC Prep

I make it a point to attend every single one of Najwa's school events, whether it's a field trip, a class presentation or even...

Results of Najwa’s Pepsi-Coke-Root Beer Taste Test Challenge

Najwa wanted to do the Pepsi-Coke challenge, a blind taste test to see which one she would like better. One thing you have to know...

Najwa’s First College Campus Visit to James Madison University

I remember my first time attending college. I was enrolled at Fayetteville State University but a commuter student. I'd drive out to...

Just Getting to Dubai Was an Adventure in Itself

It’s been years since my last international flight. Pre-9/11 actually. Back then, though, the traveling abroad was back and forth to Germany where my...

Najwa’s First Day of School

Several weeks ago parents whose child was a first-timer at DC Prep had to attend orientation. Do you know how long it’s been since...