Trophy Case

Highest 4th Grade Performer in Math for the Year

Najwa wins end of year 4th grade Math Award.

Najwa Makes 1st Honors

Najwa makes the honor roll - 1st honors this time.

ANET Highest Scorer

Najwa had the highest score on the ANET test.

World’s Best GWU Mathematician

Najwa is crowned as the class mathematician.

Honor Roll

Najwa makes the honor roll.

Najwa Wins Class MVP Award

Najwa wins MVP Award at DC Prep

Najwa Wins Award for Math Achievement

Najwa wins Math Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Art Award

Najwa wins Art Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Math Award

Najwa wins Math Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Music Award

Najwa Wins Music Award at DC Prep.

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award

Najwa Wins Reading Award

Najwa wins Reading Award at DC Prep.

Thoughtful Friend

Najwa is recognized for being a thoughtful friend.

Random Day in the Life

Museum of Natural History

The plan was to join the crowds celebrating the Washington Nationals' World Series win. But by time we got out there, we were...

Science Games and Learning at the AAAS Family Science Days

Najwa and I headed out to the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel in Woodley Park where American Association for the Advancement of Science was having...

Breakfast in Bucharest Then off to the Metro

Our day started early our first whole day in Bucharest, only because breakfast is free at our hotel, the Green Forum. On the lower...

Picking Locks, Forging Signatures and More at SpyFest

Every now and again the International Spy Museum likes to stay open late and have special activities for the kids. So I picked...

Visiting The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

The Hagia Sophia has always been atop of my bucket list. I finally had the chance to visit it during a one-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey.

Taking a Peek at Najwa’s Weekly Progress Report

Every now and again I'll take a peek at how Najwa is doing in school. As long as she's maintaining these grades, my peeking becomes less frequent.

Erotic Gallery

After grabbing a bite at the museum's restaurant, we poked our head into the Erotic Gallery. And it was just as the name...