Najwa Turns 4

We had a scaled back birthday celebration for Najwa's 4th birthday. Amazing how fast time flies, how she's already four years old.

Random Day in the Life

Next Stop in Peru: Cuzco

Time for the second leg of our trip with a quick flight to Cuzco, Peru.

Picking Locks, Forging Signatures and More at SpyFest

Every now and again the International Spy Museum likes to stay open late and have special activities for the kids. So I picked...

Allowing Words To Manifest Who Najwa Becomes In The Future

Back in college, Rukiyah Abdullah, a good friend of mine, used to have this saying that has become a way of thinking for me....

DC Preppies Exercising Their Freedom of Speech

I never thought it would be me, but I confess, I always thought the role of a chaperone for your kids' school field trips...

Najwa Joins the School Step Team

For Black History Month at Najwa's school they focused on the role of HBCUs in African-American history. And a big part of HBCUs...

Solomons Island for Memorial Day Weekend

We're somewhere around the midway point of the pregnancy. Just thought I'd mention that. Off we go to Solomons Island at the...

Thoughtful Friend

Najwa is recognized for being a thoughtful friend.