Najwa Turns 4

We had a scaled back birthday celebration for Najwa's 4th birthday. Amazing how fast time flies, how she's already four years old.

Random Day in the Life

That Ordinary Day That One Day Will Be a Cherished Memory

Every now and again I take Najwa to school. When she was younger I'd walk her all the way to her class or...

Looking Forward To Looking Back On Najwa’s Life

There have been times when people have asked me about posting photos of the ladies online for the world to see or just blogging...

What Happens When You Pour Milk Into Coke?

I was randomly looking for quick and easy science projects online and saw one that takes no time at all. Just pour milk...

Najwa’s First Scientific Study

Najwa participating in her first science experiment, as one of the subjects, as we prepare her for a life in STEM.

One Last Ocean Visit Before Heading Home From Virginia Beach

Since we were staying at the Belvedere, subject to demolition, we decided to check out its Coffee Shop & Diner for breakfast. It’s a...

Metal Contest

When we think about metal, we think about a solid object. However, metal like everything else in the world, is made up of...

Najwa Wins Art Award

Najwa wins Art Award at DC Prep.