Christmas Tree Time

This is probably the latest that we waited to finally put up the Christmas tree. Usually we do it Thanksgiving weekend but we...

Patiently Waiting for Christmas

We're only a week and so many days away from tearing open all those Christmas presents. And Najwa has been hovering near the...

Putting Up The Christmas Tree

One of Najwa's friends came over and helped us put up the Christmas tree.

Random Day in the Life

Visiting Annapolis, MD and The U.S. Naval Academy

Shay, one of Nduku’s friends, was in town visiting, and we all took a trip out to Annapolis, MD. We walked around a bit,...

Developing The Engineer In Najwa At The NBM’s “Play Work Build” Exhibit

Everyone who knows me knows I’m an advocate for girls focusing on STEM . More specifically, I want to encourage Najwa to focus on...

Results of Najwa’s Pepsi-Coke-Root Beer Taste Test Challenge

Najwa wanted to do the Pepsi-Coke challenge, a blind taste test to see which one she would like better. One thing you have to know...

Celebrating Independence Day at Virginia Beach

It's funny (not really) when I'm talking to co-workers or friends and they express disbelief if not outrage at all those people going to...

Najwa Wins Math Award

Najwa wins Math Award at DC Prep.

Ladies Take a Trip to National Geographic Museum

While out of town for work, the ladies took a trip down to the National Geographic Museum.

Teaching Life Skills While in the Kitchen

Just as muscles need to be overworked until they're sore to grow, kids need failures to learn the skills to make them successful. And where better to suffer failures and successes than in the kitchen?