• Najwa Was Tonight’s Chef: Steak, White Rice and Steamed Broccoli

    When I asked Najwa if she was hungry, she immediately came down from her room and planted herself at the dining table. Only there was no food. She was confused until I told her that she was cooking us dinner. Preparing eggs was pretty easy, but this was going to ...
  • Results of Najwa’s Pepsi-Coke-Root Beer Taste Test Challenge

    Najwa wanted to do the Pepsi-Coke challenge, a blind taste test to see which one she would like better. One thing you have to know is that Najwa doesn’t drink any carbonated drinks. Meaning, she drinks none. And it’s not even us who have anything to do with it. I ...
  • Najwa Missing the Finger-Licking Enjoyment of Buffalo Wings

    Life is going to present challenges almost every single day. It’s always a constant struggle to not let them get us down. Some are big, epic even; whereas, some are minor and may not be considered a challenge to others. Ever since Najwa was able to understand the words coming ...
  • Najwa Taking a Sip of the Fizzy Stuff

    Somehow Najwa has gone eight years with maybe one or two sips of soda, but has largely avoided it. Partly it’s because mommy has only given her water or fruit juices with her meals; partly because she never got used to the feeling of carbonation. While at Karma Modern Indian, ...
  • Homemade Cotton Candy

    Somehow we [mostly mommy] have been successful in keeping Najwa from being a sugar addict. Now, she does consume candy, but it’s nowhere near the obsession of other kids. When we get her ice cream, she usually won’t finish it, she doesn’t drink carbonated sodas [though she does love some ...