• Navy League STEM Expo at the National Harbor

    It was one of those rainy spring days that begged to stay indoors, but when I see a STEM event in the area, I feel a strong obligation to drag Najwa and one of her friends out to it. Even when it’s advertised as for 5th through 12th graders. So ...
  • Finally Planting the Seed Ball from AAAS Family Science Day

    A few months ago at the AAAS Family Science Day, Najwa visited a table where she made a seed ball. Basically, it’s a clump of soil with a bunch of wildflower seeds in it. She was told to plant it somewhere and when the weather invited it to, the seeds ...
  • Invisible Ink and Flammable Iron

    The theme for tonight’s chemistry project was iron. When you think of iron, you think of a metal used to build strong and durable objects like hammers, cars and sky scrapers. But this science project uses iron to make invisible ink and later we’re going to burn it. The first ...
  • Revisiting Scratch at Northeast Library in Capitol Hill

    Though I work at a place that teaches college graduates how to code, I haven’t made a big push for Najwa to learn how to code. I will, and she has expressed interest, but I haven’t got there yet. Eventually though. But there was an event a the library in ...
  • Science Games and Learning at the AAAS Family Science Days

    Najwa and I headed out to the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel in Woodley Park where American Association for the Advancement of Science was having their annual meeting. And during these meetings, they have a Family Science Day, just the type of stuff we like to do. AAAS Family Science Days ...
  • Building Bombs, Defusing Bombs and Meeting Bomb Techs

    When my family returned from my dad’s military posting in Germany back in 1991, the Rodney King video and aftermath were well underway. Police brutality was no longer simply a rap song; it was an issue that was finally being addressed on a national stage. Nearly three decades later, though, ...
  • Getting The Fat and Protein Clots Out the Milk

    When you think of milk, you think of a creamy liquid. For tonight’s MEL Science experiment, Najwa was going to separate the liquid from the solid part of milk, the curd. This was similar to the project we did over the summer when we poured milk into Coke. The phosphoric ...
  • Using Chromatography to Understand Marker Colors

    You would think that a black marker has black ink. And a green marker has green ink. But do they? That was the objective of this MEL Science chemistry project. First we put put a nice big black dot in the middle of the filter paper. And it’s black. No ...
  • Creating Oxyhydrogen from Water Then Igniting It

    We had one of Najwa’s friend over and decided to do a science experiment. The goal was to electrolyze water so that it decomposes into two gases: oxygen O2 and hydrogen H2. The end results is that there’s twice as much hydrogen as oxygen creating what’s called oxyhydrogen. And when ...
  • Experimenting Fractals in Art at ARTECHOUSE

    ARTechouse is one of DC’s more different museums. Probably a bad way of describing it but weird sounded bad and too many are unique so, it’s more different. In a unique weird way. The current exhibit explores fractals. We took Najwa and her friend Dayla out there, though I think ...