The Village

Auntie Maureen

It was last year when Nduku's roommate Maureen invited me and my homeboy Chad out for a movie with her and her roommate. ...

Uncle Devin

Ten or so days after being born, Najwa meets Devin, one of my best friends.


It has been many decades since my mom last fed a baby, as far as I know anyway. But what seems like a...

Uncle Daz

Barely five days old and Najwa already meets Uncle Daz who was in town.

Labor Day Cookout with Friends

Labor Day cookout with some friends before the arrival of our little girl.

Random Day in the Life

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk Workshop

Today was the end of the Walk the Walk workshop Najwa took part in which focused on modeling and acting.

Halloween’s Nerdiest Costume

We let Najwa pick out her costumes. Whatever she wants. And she chooses being a nerd. I love it!

Erotic Gallery

After grabbing a bite at the museum's restaurant, we poked our head into the Erotic Gallery. And it was just as the name...

Visiting Portland’s Sister City Suzhou While Still in Portland

Because of another conference being held after the conference we were at, the hotel was at full capacity. Meaning we had to check out...

Najwa Running Around After the Dubai Creek Cruise

After we debarked from the hour-long cruise in Dubai Creek, we had a little time to wait until The Big Bus came back through....

Boolean Girls

Scouring the internet for something new and different for Najwa to experience in 2020, I came across this program called Boolean Girls. Basically,...

Mapping Our Walking Tour of Manhattan

The lady and I were in New York this weekend, visiting Ingrid, one of Nduku’s friends. We were fortunate to stay at Ingrid’s Bed...