Random Day in the Life

Najwa Gets Her First Real Bike #NBD

Being avid bike riders, we wanted to get Najwa in on the game so that we can ride as a family. So, after...

Homework Study Partners

Today's technology is enabling our kids to work together on their homework assignments without the need to leave the house. And this is...

Thoughtful Friend

Najwa is recognized for being a thoughtful friend.

Najwa “In Class” in a Weird 2020 School Year

Well, the first half of the school year is coming to a close and it's nothing like we've ever seen before. Not in...

Celebrating Independence Day at Virginia Beach

It's funny (not really) when I'm talking to co-workers or friends and they express disbelief if not outrage at all those people going to...

Najwa and Laundry Duty

Najwa forgot to bring her clothes down in time for the laundry, so she had to figure out how to do her own laundry.