Auntie Maureen

It was last year when Nduku's roommate Maureen invited me and my homeboy Chad out for a movie with her and her roommate. ...

Uncle Devin

Ten or so days after being born, Najwa meets Devin, one of my best friends.

Uncle Daz

Barely five days old and Najwa already meets Uncle Daz who was in town.

Labor Day Cookout with Friends

Labor Day cookout with some friends before the arrival of our little girl.

Random Day in the Life

Downtown Historic Lima, Peru

Lima is a beautiful city. Lots of history yet very modern. Naturally, as tourists, we headed to the historic downtown area where...

Dinner at Reem al Bawadi; Nightcap at Shakespeare’s

Later in the evening, Stephen wanted to take us out to an Arabic restaurant for dinner. Nduku asked if it was a fancy restaurant,...

Najwa Wins Art Award

Najwa wins Art Award at DC Prep.

“Where the Sidewalk Ends”

At the end of the first half of the school year, DC Prep has a festival. This was Najwa's first year at the...

Learning About Queens of Egypt with Archaeology Club

For this weekend's Archaeology Club we went to the National Geographic Museum where there's an exhibit on the queens of Egypt. In school you...

Lanham Skate Center

Najwa's school previously had a field trip to the skating rink. I usually chaperone at all her school trips, but I missed the...

Scaled Back Birthday Celebration at Summers Farm Adventure

Since the world got turned upside down with the spread of the virus, birthday parties have essentially come to an end. There are...