Auntie Maureen

It was last year when Nduku's roommate Maureen invited me and my homeboy Chad out for a movie with her and her roommate. ...

Uncle Devin

Ten or so days after being born, Najwa meets Devin, one of my best friends.

Uncle Daz

Barely five days old and Najwa already meets Uncle Daz who was in town.

Labor Day Cookout with Friends

Labor Day cookout with some friends before the arrival of our little girl.

Random Day in the Life

Najwa Getting Her Workout On

Nduku has a daily routine of waking up long before sunrise to either hit the gym or workout in the house. That's waking...

Preparing for College Ridiculously Early Because Who Knows When Life Will Get in the Way

I was a straight A student that knew nothing about college. When it was time to learn, life got in the way of those who were supposed to teach me. I'm getting a head start with my daughter because you never know what life has in store for the future.

Walking Around Lima

After the museum visit, we walked most of the way back to the hotel, to get an organic feel of what the city feels...

Visiting Annapolis, MD and The U.S. Naval Academy

Shay, one of Nduku’s friends, was in town visiting, and we all took a trip out to Annapolis, MD. We walked around a bit,...

Navy League STEM Expo at the National Harbor

It was one of those rainy spring days that begged to stay indoors, but when I see a STEM event in the area, I...

Appreciating Every Moment Of It Before It’s the Good Old Days

Whenever I'm adding new blog posts, I tend to pick a random post to read and revisit that moment in time. And can...

Enjoying the Grass in the Deserts of Dubai

When I finally woke up, not sure what time it was nor what time my body thought it was, I went to the bathroom...