• Exploring The Kalmar Nyckel Museum In Delaware

    Around the corner from our visit to Fort Christina Park is a museum, featuring the Kalmar Nyckel, but also a tribute to world exploration by boat. The Kalmar Nyckel is the ship that first brought the Swedes to the new world where they had a settlement in Wilmington, Delaware, before ...
  • Delaware Children’s Museum

    It was our last day in Wilmington, Delaware, and the moment Najwa was waiting for. A visit to the Delaware Children's Museum.
  • The Swedes Had A Settlement In America?

    Since we were only staying one night in Wilmington, Delaware, once we checked out the hotel, we had to maximize our time before heading back home. We did a quick search and found out about the first Swedish settlement in America. I mean, who knew? The Swedes were globetrotters like ...
  • Day Trip To Wilmington Delaware

    Before the summer ends, and since it’s a three day weekend, we decided to get away for a couple of days. Instead of the normal destinations, we chose to go a bit off the normal beaten path. We picked Wilmington, Delaware. It’s only a couple of hours drive away, has ...
  • Najwa Makes Her Dewey Beach Debut

    What to do for Labor Day weekend? Reminiscing about last year’s trip to the beach, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to take Najwa back, but Nduku is a sucker for sun, sand and ocean. So off to the edge of the country we went. The trip started off ...
  • Najwa’s First Trip To The Beach

    When Najwa was 3 months old [maybe 4] giving her a bath was like subjecting her to waterboarding. Maybe the water’s too hot? Not hot enough? Maybe all babies let out bloodcurdling screams when the water touches their bare bottoms? If Nduku ever wanted me to do something, all she ...