• Visiting The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

    The Hagia Sophia has always been atop of my bucket list. I finally had the chance to visit it during a one-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Bosphorus Boat Tour In Istanbul, Turkey

    After waiting a little longer than I would’ve preferred, we were finally on our way to the boat for the Bosphorus Boat Tour. As a mob, we started walking. And walking. And kept walking. And walking so much that Najwa insisted on being carried. So I picked her up [somehow ...
  • Walking Around Sultanahmet Square Looking for a Place to Warm Up

    After visiting the Blue Mosque, we walked around the tourist area, checking out the other landmarks. In the plaza area near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, there are these obelisks and other cool structures. One was the Obelisk of Theodosius, an Ancient Egyptian obelisk of Pharaoh Thutmose III re-erected ...
  • Visiting The Blue Mosque In Istanbul

    The main attraction in Turkey is the Hagia Sophia. For me at least. When we finally made our way around the corner to visit the historic site, well, about a hundred or two other people beat us to it. It wasn’t so much that the line was so long — ...
  • Quick Walk Around The Block From The Hotel in Istanbul

    There is no such place as a major city without a McDonald’s [well, except Nairobi]. And we Americans, even when we’re in foreign countries and are open to trying foreign foods and experiencing the foreign experience, well, we like McDonald’s. It’s always interesting to see what we consider cheap fast ...
  • Elanaz Hotel Makes Turkey Visit Perfect

    I don’t know what it is about Turkey, but I already love it. Maybe it’s because I read the entire history of the Ottomans. Or because this tiny waterway was so sought after, empires went to war for it. Over and over. It has such a rich history, every time ...
  • Taking a Detour on the Way Back Home

    The worst part of traveling is having to say goodbye. When you first get a on a plane to go to wherever you’re going, there’s an excitement, anticipation that grips you as you embark. When you’re facing the same route in reverse, it’s meloncholy. The trip home isn’t the same. ...
  • The Dining Scene in Bucharest

    I love to blog. I love to eat. But blogging about what I eat isn’t something I care to do. But while in Bucharest, we did eat at some places with some really good food. Mon Amour Caffe One evening we got off the Metro at Piaţa Romană and literally ...
  • Bucharest Traffic is Organized Chaos!

    At the intersection where Mânăstirea Caşin faces in Bucharest, Romania, the traffic is absolutely chaotic. Najwa and I were crossing the street during a morning saunter in the neighborhood, and either I’m blind or there simply were no traffic lights. There were walk/don’t walk signals, but what’s the point if ...
  • Bucharest is a Graffiti Artist’s Dream Canvas

    I mentioned it earlier, but after a couple more days in Bucharest, I can’t reiterate enough how much graffiti there is in the city. Literally everywhere you look you’ll find graffiti. We stayed in an area known for its elite residents, and there was graffiti everywhere. Around the corner were ...