Random Day in the Life

Stargazing at the National Air & Space Museum

We've made many trips to the National Air & Space Museum, but this was our first time doing so after dark. They were...

Astronomy Festival on the National Mall

The Astronomy Festival is a regular event for us, but this year we invited Azaria, one of Najwa's friends.

Celebrating Mardi Gras at The Wharf in DC

Well, it's not quite as large as the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but down at The Wharf, we celebrated Mardi Gras.

Spending the Day in the Virginia Beach Sand and Sun

Fortunately all the rooms at the Belvedere were ocean-facing. Not only for the view of the beach and ocean but the sunrise. We may be...

Viewing Jupiter, The Moon, Otherworldly Stuff At The Astronomy Festival

The ladies and I headed out to the National Mall to check out Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and some really cool telescopes.

What Happens When You Pour Milk Into Coke?

I was randomly looking for quick and easy science projects online and saw one that takes no time at all. Just pour milk...

Kenya Trip Part II: Visiting Family and Friends and All Those Precious Little Ones!

When Kenyans go home for the holidays, it’s common they’ll head upcountry to visit their families. The shags they call it. We call it...