Walking Portland, Burning Calories After One Serious Burger!

Work took me to a conference in Portland for a few days. I heard a lot about Portland, about the Pacific Northwest in...

Random Day in the Life

Lemon Battery

Who needs batteries when you have a strip of magnesium and copper? And a lemon of course.

Najwa Wins Award for Math Achievement

Najwa wins Math Award at DC Prep.

Family Trip To A Nationals Baseball Game

What better to do on a perfect summer afternoon than go out to the ol' ballpark?

Boolean Girls

Scouring the internet for something new and different for Najwa to experience in 2020, I came across this program called Boolean Girls. Basically,...

Najwa on the Row Machine Getting her Calorie Burn On

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); I got lucky. When I first met Nduku I didn't realize she was a fitness junky. A true...

Heading Out To Peru

It has become a tradition to travel to New York for Christmas, but lately, Nduku has been all about international travel. So, she...


Somehow Najwa's hair turned out to be this luscious heap of protein filament. I'm envious.