Washington DC

Random Day in the Life

Najwa Wins Music Award

Najwa Wins Music Award at DC Prep.

Highest 4th Grade Performer in Math for the Year

Najwa wins end of year 4th grade Math Award.

DC Preppies Exercising Their Freedom of Speech

I never thought it would be me, but I confess, I always thought the role of a chaperone for your kids' school field trips...

Learning Korean From a Korean in Korea

With the pandemic locking everyone up in the homes, it gets a bit more challenging finding things for your kid to do. Fortunately,...

Bucharest is a Graffiti Artist’s Dream Canvas

I mentioned it earlier, but after a couple more days in Bucharest, I can’t reiterate enough how much graffiti there is in the city....

Boolean Girls

Scouring the internet for something new and different for Najwa to experience in 2020, I came across this program called Boolean Girls. Basically,...

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award

Najwa Wins Mathematics, Principal Cabinet Award