Ward 2

Random Day in the Life

Najwa on the Row Machine Getting her Calorie Burn On

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); I got lucky. When I first met Nduku I didn't realize she was a fitness junky. A true...

Auntie Maureen

It was last year when Nduku's roommate Maureen invited me and my homeboy Chad out for a movie with her and her roommate. ...

Visiting Annapolis, MD and The U.S. Naval Academy

Shay, one of Nduku’s friends, was in town visiting, and we all took a trip out to Annapolis, MD. We walked around a bit,...

Don’t Look Now But I’m Raising a Free Range Child

I know it's s scary thought. Not knowing where your child is every single minute while out in public. But ask yourself -- when is it time to let them explore the world? Let them learn now while you're near or when they leave for adulthood and are surrounded by everyone but you?

Taking a Peek at Najwa’s Weekly Progress Report

Every now and again I'll take a peek at how Najwa is doing in school. As long as she's maintaining these grades, my peeking becomes less frequent.

Najwa in the Snow (TikTok)

After my first TikTok, I got curious. So, I did another.

Christmas Tree Time

This is probably the latest that we waited to finally put up the Christmas tree. Usually we do it Thanksgiving weekend but we...