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Homework Study Partners

Today's technology is enabling our kids to work together on their homework assignments without the need to leave the house. And this is...

Museo Larco

Naturally Christmas is a slow day. No one wants to work on Christmas, especially in a deeply Catholic country. But, Museo Larco...

Halloween’s Nerdiest Costume

We let Najwa pick out her costumes. Whatever she wants. And she chooses being a nerd. I love it!

Spy Museum

Nothing better to do this weekend so we grabbed Najwa's friend and headed out to the Spy Museum. Each year the museum has what's called...

The Dining Scene in Bucharest

I love to blog. I love to eat. But blogging about what I eat isn’t something I care to do. But while in Bucharest,...

Don’t Look Now But I’m Raising a Free Range Child

I know it's s scary thought. Not knowing where your child is every single minute while out in public. But ask yourself -- when is it time to let them explore the world? Let them learn now while you're near or when they leave for adulthood and are surrounded by everyone but you?

Soy Chicken, Baked Beans, Biscuits and Broccoli by Chef Najwa

Yesterday we took it easy preparing dinner, settling for homemade hamburgers and mashed potatoes. Tonight, we did something still pretty simple but with...