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Getting The Fat and Protein Clots Out the Milk

When you think of milk, you think of a creamy liquid. For tonight's MEL Science experiment, Najwa was going to separate the liquid from...

Appreciating Every Moment Of It Before It’s the Good Old Days

Whenever I'm adding new blog posts, I tend to pick a random post to read and revisit that moment in time. And can...

Developing The Engineer In Najwa At The NBM’s “Play Work Build” Exhibit

Everyone who knows me knows I’m an advocate for girls focusing on STEM . More specifically, I want to encourage Najwa to focus on...

Our Day Trip to Abu Dhabi, UAE

You know, I used to think that the United Arab Emirates was a part of Saudi Arabia. Seriously. I thought it was a special...

Revisiting Scratch at Northeast Library in Capitol Hill

Though I work at a place that teaches college graduates how to code, I haven't made a big push for Najwa to learn how...

One More Stop to Dubai Mall Before Heading Home

Before boarding the plane and saying goodbye to Dubai, we went back to Dubai Mall to meet up with Nduku and Mutethya’s cousin Nyiva....

Solomons Island for Memorial Day Weekend

We're somewhere around the midway point of the pregnancy. Just thought I'd mention that. Off we go to Solomons Island at the...