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White Oak Lavender Farm

Just outside Harrisonburg, Virginia, where we were staying for the weekend and the mountains of Shenandoah Valley, where were visiting for another hike in...

Building Paper Forts at the National Building Museum

One of our favorite places to visit is the National Building Museum. I'll probably write that several more times to start off posts...
Istanbul, Turkey

Walking Around Sultanahmet Square Looking for a Place to Warm Up

After visiting the Blue Mosque, we walked around the tourist area, checking out the other landmarks. In the plaza area near the Blue Mosque...
Najwa at DC Prep - UChicago

Preparing for College Ridiculously Early Because Who Knows When Life Will Get in the...

I was a straight A student that knew nothing about college. When it was time to learn, life got in the way of those who were supposed to teach me. I'm getting a head start with my daughter because you never know what life has in store for the future.

Rush Home for Halloween and ARGH!

I work outside of the city. As in one and half hour, sometimes two hour commute when the trains start acting up. ...

Homemade Hamburgers and Homemade Mashed Potatoes for Dinner

Najwa has to learn how to cook. And no, it's not so she can find a man because I've stressed that any man...
Virginia Beach

Spending the Day in the Virginia Beach Sand and Sun

Fortunately all the rooms at the Belvedere were ocean-facing. Not only for the view of the beach and ocean but the sunrise. We may be...