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Field Day at DC Prep

I make it a point to attend every single one of Najwa's school events, whether it's a field trip, a class presentation or even...
Najwa at DC Prep - UChicago

Preparing for College Ridiculously Early Because Who Knows When Life Will Get in the...

I was a straight A student that knew nothing about college. When it was time to learn, life got in the way of those who were supposed to teach me. I'm getting a head start with my daughter because you never know what life has in store for the future.

Metal Contest

When we think about metal, we think about a solid object. However, metal like everything else in the world, is made up of...
RGIII on Newseum

Newseum Welcomes RGIII With “Light Up DC” Light Show On 1st Amendment Wall

Just when I was getting settled in for the night, I read that a 74-foot RGIII will be projected on the First Amendment Wall...

Najwa Built This Castle To Protect Us From The Evil Witch

It always amazes me how people will ask if I wanted a boy instead of a girl. I never gave it any thought...

Finally Planting the Seed Ball from AAAS Family Science Day

A few months ago at the AAAS Family Science Day, Najwa visited a table where she made a seed ball. Basically, it's a...

Scavenger Art Hunt at Smithsonian American Art Museum

Najwa apparently is getting bored sitting around the house waiting for the weather to warm up, so we called one of her friends and...