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Najwa with a rabbit on her head - Istanbul, Turkey

Quick Walk Around The Block From The Hotel in Istanbul

There is no such place as a major city without a McDonald’s . And we Americans, even when we’re in foreign countries and are...

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

It's a phenomenon how the closer one lives to an attraction, the least likely they'll visit. I know people who have lived in...

Spy Museum

Nothing better to do this weekend so we grabbed Najwa's friend and headed out to the Spy Museum. Each year the museum has what's called...

Putting Up The Christmas Tree Already

We usually put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend, but since we're traveling that weekend to visit my dad, we decided to put...

Shopping Around for a Bike

I bike. Nduku bikes. We just don't bike together because we haven't taken the time to teach Najwa how to bike. Today's kids...

Kenya Trip Part II: Visiting Family and Friends and All Those Precious Little Ones!

When Kenyans go home for the holidays, it’s common they’ll head upcountry to visit their families. The shags they call it. We call it...

Our First Washington Valor Indoor Football Game

Football is always weird played on a 50 yard field with massive nets at each end, but having seats in a suite makes it worth it.