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Heading Out To Peru

It has become a tradition to travel to New York for Christmas, but lately, Nduku has been all about international travel. So, she...

Venturing Off The Beaten Path to a Place Called Nancy’s Airfield Cafe

On the way back from our New England trip, we decided to get something to eat. Instead of something cheap and easy just off...

The Walking Tour of Bucharest, Romania Continues

More photos from our self-guided walking tour of Bucharest, Romania. We started this trip downtown Bucharest and walked the entire length back north to...
Istanbul, Turkey

Walking Around Sultanahmet Square Looking for a Place to Warm Up

After visiting the Blue Mosque, we walked around the tourist area, checking out the other landmarks. In the plaza area near the Blue Mosque...

Najwa Was Tonight’s Chef: Steak, White Rice and Steamed Broccoli

When I asked Najwa if she was hungry, she immediately came down from her room and planted herself at the dining table. Only...
Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Taking a Detour Through Turkey on the Way Back Home

The worst part of traveling is having to say goodbye. When you first get a on a plane to go to wherever you’re going,...

Breakfast in Bucharest Then off to the Metro

Our day started early our first whole day in Bucharest, only because breakfast is free at our hotel, the Green Forum. On the lower...