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Najwa the Engineer

Allowing Words To Manifest Who Najwa Becomes In The Future

Back in college, Rukiyah Abdullah, a good friend of mine, used to have this saying that has become a way of thinking for me....

Egyptian Night: Burning Iron

Who knew that heated hot enough that iron interacts with the oxygen in the air and actually burns?

Rush Home for Halloween and ARGH!

I work outside of the city. As in one and half hour, sometimes two hour commute when the trains start acting up. ...

Taking a Peek at Najwa’s Weekly Progress Report

Every now and again I'll take a peek at how Najwa is doing in school. As long as she's maintaining these grades, my peeking becomes less frequent.

The Walking Tour of Bucharest, Romania Continues

More photos from our self-guided walking tour of Bucharest, Romania. We started this trip downtown Bucharest and walked the entire length back north to...

Najwa Built A Bus In The Basement

When we see empty boxes lying around, it looks like recyclables. When Najwa sees them, she sees building blocks. I thought she...

Kenya Trip Part II: Visiting Family and Friends and All Those Precious Little Ones!

When Kenyans go home for the holidays, it’s common they’ll head upcountry to visit their families. The shags they call it. We call it...